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Choose from the world's largest selection of audiobooks. Start a free trial now Save On Online Catalogue. Find Special Offers And Deals. Huge Sale On All Selected Products The British motorway system opens with the M6 Preston bypass. 1960 19 February Birth of Prince Andrew, Duke of York. 1961 1 July Birth of Diana, Princess of Wales. 1963 27 March The first report of the Beeching cuts - a railway restructuring plan - was published, The Reshaping of British Railways. 19 Octobe This is a timeline of English history, Margaret Thatcher becomes UK's first woman prime minister; she becomes the longest-serving PM of the 20th century. 1982 11 October : The Mary Rose is raised from the seabed of the Solent, where she had sunk in 1545. 1997 1 May Tony Blair becomes prime minister, ending the Labour Party's 18-year spell in opposition. 1997 31 August In the early hours. Timeline and History Overview 6000 - The British Isles are formed as water levels rise separating them from mainland Europe. 2200 - The construction of Stonehenge is completed. 600 - The Celtic peoples begin to arrive and establish their culture. 55 - Roman leader Julius Caesar invades Britain, but.

British troops were sent to help the US-led United Nations force repel the Communist invasion of South Korea by North Korea. The conflict set the pattern for the Cold War, with South Korea backed.. United Kingdom profile - Timeline World War II. UK declares war on Germany. Fighter pilots repel German air attacks in the Battle of Britain. London and... Conservatives in power. She begins to introduce free-market policies. The UK dispatches a task force, which re-takes... Labour landslide. They. History of Britain - Timeline and Facts. Thousands of years ago, Great Britain was joined to Europe and was covered with ice. About 15,000 years ago, the weather became warmer. The ice melted and the sea level rose. Great Britain became an island about 8000 years ago. Celtic people called Britons settles in Britain Different legions were sent to conquer various parts of Southern Britain. There were accounts of Roman resistance, including King Caratacus in AD 47. However, he lost the battle. The Roman conquest had a great impact on the British culture. The Battle of the Winwaed. This historical event was a battle between religions. Oswiu, the Christian King of Northumbria battled against King Penda of Mercia who promoted paganism among his coalition across England and Wales. The two armies. 1843 - Maori revolt against British rule in New Zealand. 1853 - Construction of railways in India. 1858 - East India Company dissolved. 1870 - British troops were withdrawn from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of Indi

In 55-54 BC, Julius Caesar arrived on the shores of Britain, but thanks to guerrilla resistance and bad weather, his conquest was not successful. Almost 100 years later, in AD 43 the emperor Claudius launched a full-scale invasion, and Britain's Roman era began. The Romans stayed in Britain for almost four centuries English Kings and Queens - Historical Timeline. Date Event. King Offa ( 757 - 796 ) 757 - Offa seizes the Kingdom Mercia after the murder of his cousin Aethelbald. 776 - Defeats the men of Kent at Otford. 779 - Offa defeats Cynewulf of Wessex at Bensington in Oxfordshire. 784 - Offa defeats the Welsh The first men and women came to Britain over two and a half million years ago. As the climate got warmer at the end of the second ice age, tribes of hunters and gatherers of food, who used simple stone tools and weapons, made their way into Britain. It was normal for them to move from place to place so they could find new resources The Conservatives, benefiting from British success in the Boer War, and from splits in the Liberal Party, were returned to power. Lord Salisbury remained as prime minister and became the last..

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  1. A Bit About Britain's History - the book; Periods in history. Prehistoric Britain timeline; Roman Britain timeline; Dark Ages timeline; Medieval timeline; Tudor timeline; Stuart timeline; Georgian timeline; Victorian timeline; Edwardian timeline; Modern Britain timeline 1914-1945; Modern Britain timeline 1945-2000; 21st Century Britain timeline; Potted history of Britai
  2. The First World War - Major battles and casualties include Ypres (1914, 1915),the Somme, during which the British employed tanks for the first time (1916), Jutland (1916) and Passchendaele (1917).Other key dates include the German U-boat sinking of the Lusitania (1915), Zeppelin raids on British cities(from 1915), conscription (from 1916), entry into the war of the USA (1917), and Armistice on the Western Front 11am, 11 November 191
  3. Well, look no further, this history timeline spans from the beginning of the Stone Age in 15,000 BC right up to the present day. Making a welcome addition to your history lesson, it can assist you in explaining different historical civilisations and when they existed to your children.Once downloaded, you'll have a variety of pdf options to choose from. Available in A3, A4 and as a banner, all.
  4. England was settled by humans for at least 500,000 years. The first modern humans (homo sapiens) arrived during the Ice Age (about 35,000 to 10,000 years ago), when the sea levels were lower and Britain was connected to the European mainland. It is these people who built the ancient megalithic monuments of Stonehenge and Avebury
  5. Anne died heirless in 1714, and a distant German cousin, George of Hanover, was called to rule over the UK. History of the United Kingdom: 18 Century and the House of Hanover. George I as Prince of Hanover When George I (1660-1727) arrived in England, he couldn't speak a word of English. The king's inability to communicate well with his government and subjects led him to appoint a de facto.
  6. A British captain, named Jenkins, had his ear cut off by Spanish sailors - Britain declared war in retaliation. A map of the War of Jenkins' Ear. Credit: Wikipedia: 1740: 1744 George Anson finishes his four-year voyage around the world. 1746 The Battle of Culloden, the last battle to have taken place on British soil, is fought
  7. Important Dates in British History - a timeline. 1st Edition of The Daily Mail. Over 1000 historic dates crucial to Britain. A detailed timeline of the events that have shaped British History we have aimed to have been as inclusive as possible and this section is being continually added to. If you feel we have left something out please don't hesitate to let us know. We even have a BC date for.

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This British Library timeline allows you to explore collection items chronologically, from medieval times to the present day. It includes a diverse combination of texts: those that allow glimpses of everyday life (handbills, posters, letters, diaries), remnants of political events (charters, speeches, campaign leaflets), and the writings of some of our best known historical and literary figures 1953, 2 June: Coronation Day - This was Not Elizabeth's Coronation, and is not called Elizabeth's Coronation Day. It was the Coronation of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, and is only called the generic Coronation Day. Click image to enlarge.1968-1998: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon gets a 'Maid' from Waterford in Ireland The British Empire expands. 1912 : The sinking of the Titanic 1914-1918 : World War One - against Germany and Austria-Hungary. 1939-1945 : World War Two - against Germany, Italy and Japan. Back Hom History.UK.com - Largest Independent UK History Archive

1865: The first direct steamship service from Europe to China is established in Liverpool by Alfred and Philip Holt's Blue Funnel Line, utilizing cheap Chinese crews. 1877: Kuo Sung-tao, the first Chinese Minister to Britain, opens a legation in London. 1881: Census indicates a total of 224 Chinese in Britain A Timeline of Modern English History. 1485 Beginning of Tudor Dynasty, Henry VII assumes the throne. Central Royal authority was strengthened and private feudal armies suppressed. 1487 Rebellion of Lambert Simnel. 1509 End of Henry VII's reign - Begin reign of Henry VIII. 1513 Battle of Foldden English victory over Scotland A history of Prehistoric England. Roman Britain. 55 BC Julius Caesar leads an expedition to Britain. 54 BC Julius Caesar leads a second expedition. 43 AD The Romans invade Britain. They land in Kent. C. 50 A town grows up at London. 51 Caractacus, a leader of British resistance to the Romans is captured. 61 Boudicca leads an unsuccessful.

At 11pm on 31 January 2020, the UK left the EU and entered a transition period. At 11pm on 31 December 2020, the transition period ended and the United Kingdom left the EU single market and customs union. This paper provides a timeline of the major events leading up to the referendum and subequent dates of note, including Brexit Day itself England and the Danelaw in 878. From the 4th century AD, many Britons left to cross the English Channel from Wales, Cornwall and southern Britain, and started to settle the western part of Gaul ( Armorica ), where they started a new nation: Brittany Events in History. 1328 Wars of Scottish Independence end: Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton - the Kingdom of England recognises the Kingdom of Scotland as an independent state. 1707 Acts of Union comes into force, uniting England and Scotland to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain

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Timeline of British Democracy. By vbalock. Sep 26, 1215. Magna Carta First document in GB to limit power of the monarch and imcrease the power of the Parliment Period: Sep 26, 1532 to Sep 26, 1536. English Reformation Creation of Church of England, put monarch in charge of the church. Gave the monarch a bit more power Period: Sep 26, 1600 to Sep 26, 1800. Imperialism and Colonialism Expansion. 2. February 21 1804: September 27 1825: George Stephenson opens the Stockton and Darlington Railroad, moving the 36 wagons of his steam-powered coal train, Locomotion, across nine miles of track. The history of the United Kingdom is the history of the Royal Navy. We are an island nation and sea has always been a vital factor. It is the means of people arriving from overseas, a barrier to invaders, a highway for trade and the basis for a once-global empire. On one side, a working tape measure - on the other, an illustrated chronology of world history. From the age of the dinosaurs to the age of the internet and everything in between. Reel off history while DIY-ing. Design by SUCK UK

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Timeline 16th Century 1500 - 1599. If you don't find what you are looking for here then jump into out Historic themes and Historic Periods timelines where you will discover a plethora of intriguing connections to the 16th century. DATE EVENT CATEGORY; 1500: First design of a helicopter: Leonardo da Vinci designed a helicopter : 1502: Marriage agreement between Margaret, daughter of Henry VII. British Empire, a worldwide system of dependencies—colonies, protectorates, and other territories—that over a span of some three centuries was brought under the sovereignty of the crown of Great Britain and the administration of the British government. Learn more about the British Empire in this article

This video will show the entire history of the British Isles from the arrival of modern humans to 2016. Every year is shown from 43 CE.-----.. An educational timeline illustrating 2,000 years of British History. From the Roman invasion and warrior queens like Boudicca, through Saxons and Vikings to the Norman invasion. From the bubonic plague to the maiden voyage of Concorde, the history of the United Kingdom is a fascinating tale of turmoil, discovery and invention A complete world history timeline ready for display. Spanning from the beginning of the Stone Age in 15,000 BC right up to the present day, this world history timeline can make a welcome addition to your history lesson. Providing visual support for your teaching, this timeline can assist you in explaining different historical civilisations and time periods to your children, developing their. The first, short-lived British colony in Virginia was organized in 1584, and permanent English settlement began in 1607. The United States declared its independence from Great Britain in 1776. The American Revolutionary War ended in 1783, with Great Britain recognizing U.S. independence. The two countries established diplomatic relations in 1785. The United States broke relations when it declared war on the United Kingdom during the War of 1812; relations were reestablished in 1815

Military conflict took place during every year of the 20th Century. There were only short periods of time that the world was free of war. The total number of deaths caused by war during the 20th Century has been estimated at 187 million and is probably higher. The following list includes some of the wars fought by the armed forces of the United Kingdom, the British Empire and the British. A mental health history including asylum and community care periods, with links to Andrew Roberts' book on the Lunacy Commission and other mental health writings, and the asylums index and word history.Centred on England and Wales, it reaches out to the rest of the world with links to the general timeline of science and society, America timeline, crime timeline, and the (embryo) sunrise. Immigration laws in british history. By AT4. Jan 1, 1948. Nationality Act British Nationality Act, gave citizenship to people from ex-colonies. Period: Jan 1, 1954 to Jan 1, 1961. The pro-Commonwealth Conservative Government Before 1962 there was an 'open door' tradition for Commonwealth Immigrants. The pro-Commonwealth Conservative Government, in power between 1954 and 1961, took the view.

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Timeline of the English Language. Learning Activities. History; Ancient Egypt; Black History; Ancient Greece; Languages; Words; French; Art & design; Talking Textiles; An Introduction to Student Life; Science; The Body and Medicines; Energy and the Environment; The Earth and Beyond; Teeth and Eating ; Micro-organisms; The Brain and Senses; Exercise; Passport to Learning; For Grown-Ups; Our. British forces poured into Dublin including gunboats that fired on the rebels from the river Liffey. The fighting lasted five days and caused more than 400 deaths and 2,500 injuries. The rebels were forced to surrender. Those who had taken part in the Easter Rising became known as the Irish Republican Army. May 1916: Easter Rising Rebels executed: Seventy rebels were sentenced to death by the.

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In this section you can read short biographies of notable people and explore the history of government buildings. You can also search our online records and read articles and blog posts by historians Timeline and History Overview. United States Timeline BCE. 5000 - Small tribal peoples develop across the United States. 1000 - The Woodland period begins including the Adena culture and the Hopewell peoples. CE. 1000 - The Mississippian culture develops along the Mississippi River and the Ohio River. These people are known for building large mounds which can still be seen today. 1400s - The. Coronavirus: Timeline of key events since UK was put into lockdown six months ago. Prime minister announced further restrictions last night . Press Association Reporters. Wednesday 23 September. A Timeline of Hilton History Over the last century, Hilton has grown from a single hotel in Cisco, Texas, to more than 5,600 hotels and 17 brands in 113 countries and territories, with a portfolio that offers a variety of ideal experiences for every type of traveler and trip. Browse the timeline for notable milestones in our 100 years of hospitality. 1893 At the direction of Bertha Palmer, the. The history of the European Union . EU Pioneers. The following visionary leaders inspired the creation of the European Union we live in today. Without their energy and motivation, we would not be living in the sphere of peace and stability that we take for granted. From resistance fighters to lawyers and parliamentarians, the EU pioneers were a diverse group of people who held the same ideals.

Timeline of facts and information about the twentieth Century - written especially for kids in easy to understand words. Timeline of British History. by Mandy Barrow : Pre.. Romans. Saxons. Vikings. Normans. Tudors. Stuart. Georgian. Victorians. Today. BC. 43. 450. 793. 1066. 1485. 1603. 1714. 1837. 1939 : HOMEPAGE | Search lan: This site uses cookies. See our Cookie Policy for information. Timeline 15th Century 1400-1499. If you don't find what you are looking for here then jump into out Historic themes and Historic Periods timelines where you will discover a plethora of intriguing connections to the 15th century History; Citizenship; Launch Flash Timeline. Home; Launch Flash Timeline. Browse. 1000s; 1100s; 1200s; 1300s; 1400s; 1500s; 1600s; 1700s; 1800s; 1900s; 2000s; Teachers; Support; This interactive timeline allows you to explore the evolution of English language and literature, from the 11th century to the present day. Scroll through decade by decade to investigate the richness and diversity of. A timeline of all the kings and queens of England from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present. Who reigned when? Part of the English History guide at Britain Express History comes together so effortlessly with a timeline. For a hands-on learner like Super Hero, filling up the timeline sheets, is sort of a connect-the-dots exercise. It gives him a clearer picture of what's happened in the world, regardless of when we study a given topic or event. I don't know about you, but at our homeschool, studying history in chronological order seems rather elusive.

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British History Timeline Level: intermediate Age: 12-14 Downloads: 169 : Welcome to a British Pub, a brief history of Pubs in England Level: elementary Age: 10-17 Downloads: 130 : A History of British Cinema Level: intermediate Age: 14-17 Downloads: 92 (British Culture:game&reading ) History of Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night on Nov 5th Level: intermediate Age: 12-100 Downloads: 76. This resource provides a timeline of historical events for your Years 1-2 and KS1 students. The timeline details key events in history, from the birth of Jesus Christ to the Brazil World Cup in 2014. Place this timeline on your display wall for a fantastic history prompt that is sure to excite your Years 1-2 and KS1 students The Romano-British population (the Britons) was assimilated. The settlement Timeline Archived 2015-08-31 at the Wayback Machine of England. Medieval England; Further reading. A History of Britain: At the Edge of the World, 3500 BC - 1603 AD by Simon Schama, BBC/Miramax, 2000 ISBN -7868-6675-6; A History of Britain, Volume 2: The Wars of the British 1603-1776 by Simon Schama, BBC. The BPF Plastics Timeline is a set of 10 poster that have been put together by the British Plastics Federation with the backing of our Sponsors. These posters depict the significant developments and milestone throughout the history of plastics dating back to 1284 and through the years up until the current day and beyond December: The Hampshire Constabulary History Society publish a new book entitled, 'Policing Hampshire and the Isle of Wight - A Photographic History' now out of print. 2002: Uk population is nearly 60 million and there are 26 million cars on the roads. 200

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British royal family history including royal family trees since Alfred the Great, biographies of kings and queens, timeline, line of succession, and answers to frequently asked questions . Britroyals Menu Home & Shop Home & Book Shop. Britroyals Home Britroyals Shop Kings & Queens Kings & Queens. Kings & Queens Alfred the Great (871-899) Scottish Robert the Bruce (1306-1329) Henry VIII (1509. Timeline: The history of wind power For centuries, people have harnessed the wind's energy for electricity. But how did it develop into a clean, abundant and free solution to tackling global warming

Trace the development of TV from then right up to the present day with our timeline. The first public demonstration of television in the UK took place in 1926. Trace the development of TV from then right up to the present day with our timeline. Skip to content. Menu. Blog home; Museum site; Search for: By National Science and Media Museum on 7 April 2011 A short history of British television. Coventry's Historical Timeline. o put our local history into some sort of perspective, here's a timeline showing many of the significant events in Coventry's history. England's reigning monarchs plus a few relevant national events are shown in the white boxes. In the lower half are dates when our most important historical structures were built Slavery was a major part of the world for centuries. In this lesson, we are going to check out Great Britain's role in developing the slave trade as well as its role in bringing it to an end Timeline: the use of cannabis Cannabis has been used by humans for food, textiles, trading and medicine for thousands of years. Below is an account of this relationship. The first written medicinal use of cannabis goes back to 2727BC. 6000BC Cannabis seeds used for food in China. 4000BC Textiles made of hemp are used in China. 2727BC First written record of cannabis use as medicine in China. Taken from the British Telecom Archives web site - with additions. For BPO Telephone history - click here. 1870. The Post Office took over the UK Telegraph Service by means of special Acts of Parliament in 1868 and 1869. This was because the existing telegraph companies were only interested in the business centres of large cities. State control was required to give a nation wide service. The.

These timelines celebrate some of those stories: of world-shaping individuals and momentous events. This is not about creating a separate history; it is about adding to the history we are already. Last Updated: Friday, 7 April 2006, 19:28 GMT 20:28 UK. E-mail this to a friend Printable version Timeline: Prisons in England As part of a BBC News website investigation into the state of British prisons, we chart the history of our jails. 1166 - HENRY II BUILDS JAILS. These include Newgate Prison in London. Henry also establishes courts in England. The first legal textbook is produced and. Read more about: British History The history of the English Reformation. by Richard Bevan. Elizabeth I continued her father's legacy in Ireland. A bid for independence by Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, was ultimately defeated by the Queen's army, with a harsh post-war settlement impeding future uprisings from the Catholic majority. All the while, plantations were being established.

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British India Timeline Timeline Description: The British presence in India began in the early seventeenth century, when the British East India Company began trading on the outskirts of the Mughal empire. The company's influence grew steadily until it seized political control of parts of India, and British leaders continued to spread British control throughout the subcontinent In total, its estimated that the UK consumed 661million kg of cocoa-based products last year. Whatever the future holds for chocolate one thing is certain; the History of Chocolate timeline is sure to hold yet more fascinating cocoa facts. Magdalena. Traditional Sweets & Chocolate History. Wartime Sweets History >> A selection of the major changes to the British public education system since the 1800s. May 1, 1833. Government Funding First government fund of £20,000 towards Church of England schools. May 1, 1840. Grammar Schools Act Legal to use income on subjects other than classical languages. May 1, 1841. School Sites Acts Eased the purchase of land for the construction of school buildings and. Financial crisis: timeline. This article is more than 8 years old. The financial crisis, five years on: how the world economy plunged into recession . A trader watches the numbers as he works on.

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For more information on our history visit the Cycling UK archive at the University of Warwick. You can view photographs, film footage and memorabilia from Cyclists' Touring Club. There is also information on Cycling UK's history at The National Cycle Museum. 1878 Bicycle Touring Club founded at Harrogate on Aug. 5th by Stanley Cotterell and 80 members elected British History is punctuated throughout with legendary stories of Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, Dukes and Duchesses, who have all played a vital.. Tony Robinson unearths new evidence that strongly suggests that Richard's brother, King Edward IV was illegitimate.If that were the case, the entire royal bl.. The history of the European Union . EU Pioneers. The following visionary leaders inspired the creation of the European Union we live in today. Without their energy and motivation, we would not be living in the sphere of peace and stability that we take for granted. From resistance fighters to lawyers and parliamentarians, the EU pioneers were a diverse group of people who held the same ideals. 400 Years of Refugee Movement to the UK, June 2018. This timeline provides an overview of the major moments of refugee intake in the United Kingdom. When it comes to the numbers of refugees taken in, approximate figures are listed as historical documentation is often inconsistent on exact figures. Researched by Alyssa Girvan . Further Reading Blaszczyk, Agata. 2017. 'The Resettlement of.

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A short history of the long road to Brexit. The United Kingdom left the European Union on January 31. By Jen Kirby Updated Jan 31, 2020, 6:01pm EST British lawmakers celebrate as they march out of. British History. Historia Timelines are an essential tool. The information age has revolutionized the way we live. The answer to virtually everything is just a few clicks away, but information needs context. Historia's timeline posters provide a foundation of important events and stimulate interest to investigate complex subjects such as 'British History' in more detail. They are proving. Relive the big moments of the '80s with this 1980s timeline. Major historical events from 1980 to 1989 that still have an impact on the US today A chronology of key events in the modern history of India, from the mid-1800s to the present day World War 1 Timeline - 1914 by Ben Johnson. Important events of 1914, the first year of the First World War, including the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. 28 June: Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austria-Hungary throne. Archduke Ferdinand and his wife had been inspecting Austro-Hungarian troops in occupied Sarajevo. A Serbian nationalist student, Gavrilo Princip.

Home Learning Activities History Ancient Egypt Egyptian Timeline. Sections in Ancient Egypt . Egyptian Timeline . Introduction Explore Ancient Egypt Giza Pyramid Panorama Egyptian Timeline Ancient Egyptian Gods The Egyptian Number System Writing in Hieroglyphs Making a Mummy Egyptian Jigsaw Redeem Certificate. Introduction ; Explore Ancient Egypt ; Giza Pyramid Panorama ; Egyptian Timeline. United States of America timeline A chronology of key events: 1565 George Washington leads colonist Continental Army to fight against British rule. 1776 4 July - Thomas Jefferson's American Declaration of Independence endorsed by Congress; colonies declare independence. 1781 - Rebel states form loose confederation, codified in Articles of Confederation, after defeating the British at the. This poster features key events in history, chronologically ordered in an eye-catching timeline display. Featuring hand-drawn illustrations, dates, and facts from the time of the extinction of woolly mammoths, right up to the 2012 Olympics.Once downloaded, you'll have four pages with a section of timeline on each. Once printed and joined together, you'll have a complete timeline perfect for. Our history - a timeline. We were founded in 1902 - find out what's happened in the past 116 years. 1902. When the UK's Imperial Tobacco Company and the American Tobacco Company of the United States form a joint venture, the British American Tobacco Company. James 'Buck' Duke becomes the company's first chairman. His strategy is to devise a superior product, hire the best people.

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